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TeraCopy 3 Released

Download page - Downloads - Code Sector
Download link - http://s3.amazonaws.com/codesector-us/teracopy3.exe

Changelog page - TeraCopy 3.0 – Code Sector Blog
0000049: Unable to copy files – Error in overlapped reading
0000044: Drag and Drop from 7-Zip File Manager causes Unable to Access error
0000043: Checksum file saved in the wrong path
0000041: When started after install, error occurs.
0000047: Crash at the end of each copy
0000034: Make the expanded Views pinnable
0000033: Improved Destination File Dialog
0000042: No checksum verification when moving files


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Which is fastest? TeraCopy vs FastCopy vs Windows 10 default copy

All with verify/check turned on. Windows needs to execute Copy with verify using its internal command


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TeraCopy 3.0.8
MARCH 16, 2017 BY OLEG


0000065: [UI] Can’t close TeraCopy while copying
0000078: [Engine] Drag and Drop from Filezilla causes “Unable to Access” error
0000080: [Engine] Copied files have their “Date Modified” set to the current date/time.
0000092: [UI] “Details” pane in teracopy.exe installation package should show exact version
0000070: [UI] Adding color glow/change to close and expand square buttons.
0000044: [Engine] Drag and Drop from 7-Zip File Manager causes “Unable to Access” error
0000068: [Engine] TeraCopy 3.0 does not handle command line as expected
0000071: [Engine] Folder names with dots are handled incorrectly by TeraCopy

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I used to use it, but im now happy enough with Windows built-in one
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Nice but I'll wait for an update first before i change my current version.

Bought a license long time ago and never looked backed, to me the CRC check is a godsend.

Does Windows inbuilt transfer software does CRC check? As I recall it does not.


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I'm still using it. I have to check the versions, but on some older PCs with older versions of TeraCopy, i couldn't copy anything from and to a vmware workstation vm with copy/paste (might be some incompatibility with vmware tools, have no idea, never god the chance to look into this), while with the windows built-in one, i never had an issue with this. Do you know, by any chance, if this is fixed? Thanks!