Q&A The Best Private Search Engine - What are you using?

If privacy is your primary concern which search engine are you most likely to use?

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Jul 3, 2017
I know Google Search as many say is the harbinger of bad privacy practices as they look to glean as much info about you, and your surfing habits through their propietary algorithms. I also am aware of Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo.

That said, a commonly suggested alternative is DuckDuck Go. I switched to it some time ago for my browsers but then I read about StartPage.com, and a few others.

For those of you who are "serial surfers" on the web, I was wondering what most of you like to use for privacy and why? Thanks.
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Mar 25, 2021
in my browser there is town search bar with two search engine
here is a list that it has


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Marko :)

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Aug 12, 2015
Most people use Google here, I do too. Because of the data they collect, you get useful results none of the competitors can offer. The closest one to Google here, is DuckDuckGo while all other literally suck.
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Dec 17, 2014
I have been using Qwant for a long time, but use Youcare.world which is a charitable search engine that gives about 80% of the money on ads to a charity, like removing rubbish from the sea, planting trees, planting coral reefs, etc. I know this search engine isn't 100% privacy-friendly but is probably better than Google or some other options.


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Feb 10, 2017
there are other search engines that do bangs too like Qwant or Brave Search.
I know Qwant has them, but they use different shortcuts than DDG for redirection, so I'd have to unlearn all the bangs I already have memorised if I wanted to switch. I also find their dark theme's blue/green results hard on the eyes.
Don't know much about Brave Search beyond it's still in beta. From a quick test it suffers from similar problems I have with Qwant; different/missing shortcuts and the results page looks strange.
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Jun 21, 2020
I still use Google, since Bing based search engines, not confused with using commands like "!google <search query>", more than often don't give me the results I am looking for. For example from the list of the poll DuckDuckGo, Disconnect Search and Qwant use Bing as their query index and crawler. From which DDG has its own crawler called DuckDuckBot purely for favicons and other useless things (in my opinion) regarding your search query no one wants to know...

I do however find more than often that if I look up a North-American subject/query that I have more "accurately desirable" results in the first 3 pages with Bing than I do with Google.

Edit: there is also Search engines with no crawler or indexer, for which you need to tick(apply) in the settings which crawler you want to use, like SearX for instance.