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The Norton Family iOS 1.1.2 Has Been Released

The Norton Family team has released Norton Family iOS 1.1.2. This update includes usability improvements. To find if you have the latest version, please open Norton Family iOS app on child’s device, click on the child's avatar or photo on the top right-hand corner -> About Norton Family.

Important to note:

  • The iOS child-monitoring app is to be used as the child’s browser on their Apple device. All other browsers should be disabled to ensure that your child’s activity is monitored and that private/incognito mode cannot be used.
  • Only available in the US, UK and Japan App Store

You can download the free app at Norton Family parental control on the App Store

Please visit Norton Family forum board to post your queries and for more info please see Norton Family Knowledge base articles.


The Norton Family Team

Source: The Norton Family iOS 1.1.2 Has Been Released
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