Poll The poll of polls about desktop windows browsers (2023)

Hi there! Which you use? Which you suggest to use? (unlimited responses)

  • chrome

  • edge

  • firefox

  • opera

  • vivaldi

  • brave

  • ungoogled chromium

  • librewolf

  • waterfox

  • chromium

  • mullvad

  • srware iron

  • duckduckgo (beta)

  • palemoon

  • floorp

  • arc

  • tor

  • basilisk, dot, kmelon, seamonkey

  • aloha, aol, blisk, catsxp, cent, fifo, yandex, sidekick, slimjet, tesla, ulaa

  • catalyst, lagrange, min, onitor, puffin

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Aug 12, 2023
At the moment, head to head firefox-edge, and then chrome-brave.

Surprisingly for me, almost anyone prefers librewolf over firefox, probably preferring to harden the latter to equalize the former.
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Apr 7, 2016
After long time with Edge, I have gone back to Chrome. I discovered that Chrome runs more smoothly on this computer. I also saw that several people here seem to have had problems with Edge. Maybe I should try Brave. I have seen many good things about it.


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May 29, 2018
Used vivaldi few months, had nothing bad to say about it. Moved to Firefox due AVG antivirus isnt working on mobile with the chromium browsers currently- Might give waterfox a go later as secondary / fun browser
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