This is Scirious

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South America
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Last known PC infection
More than 13 months ago
Fav. Web Browser
Microsoft Edge
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Fav. Antivirus
F-Secure, Norton 360
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XBOX Series X
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Feb 22, 2022
Hi people!

I've been reading and talking in the forum, but I haven't yet introduced myself. It is about time. And I'm Scirious. I know it sounds a bit Harry Potter, but I swear I used this name for computer related stuff long before. I'm not very good at talking about me, so I'll just enumerate somethings :oops::

1) I live far from some of you and close to some others;
2) I like computer, security and technology stuff.
3) I'm graduated in software development and I like to read about malware analysis.
4) I also like reading and writing a lot.

That is it!

Thank you all for the welcome.