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Thanks guys. I should really check filehippo more often. Yeah thats the version and yes I do agree it was one of the best firewalls. Before Sygate, I was a zonealarm user. Too bad zonealarm also evolved.

I still believe after sygate, Kerio/sunbelt firewall was also good. I believe by that time Comodo had a firewall. remember getting a comodo firewall where the UI was white and blue or something like that.

If only Symantec maintained sygate, they would at least have one customer (me). Of course it all depends on the evolution of it.

Shall download and test run it on W7 but I might need an x86 for it. Gotta find the images on my usb sticks now. Should keep stuff more organized.


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bogdan said:
TinyWall 2.0 was reviewed on Check the review here.
It looks like Tinywall is really an excellent product. I haven't got to try the product myself, but looking forward to doing so.

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