Should people block ads?

  • Yes- Ads are garbage

    Votes: 36 62.1%
  • Yes- But only very obstructive ones

    Votes: 16 27.6%
  • Yes- But only malvertising

    Votes: 2 3.4%
  • No- But only leave text ads

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • No- I luv ads

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No- Unless they are not relevant

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Wait what are ads?

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • Wait what you can block ads?

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Wait what websites need ads to survive sometimes?

    Votes: 2 3.4%
  • I have another suggestion

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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To block or not to block? That is the question?

Pros of blocking ads:

- Less malvertising (aka advertising that injects malicious code into your system)

- More productivity

- Less loading times

Cons of blocking ads:

- More websites will not be able to support themselves

- More websites will develop a paywall network

- Less free extensions and apps


To be honest,only annoying ads,some people are making money from ads and how would you feel if someone is preventing you from earning money and feed your family ? I don't think so :) Ads are fine to me,but malwaretising,annoying popups etc. is not acceptable. I understand how it is to spend a lot of time and effort to build a website or app and someone uses adblocker to ruin everything. Even domains are not free (.com / .org etc.) so they need to cover their expenses. Everyone who makes apps or serves a service on site (like forums) deserves extra $/€/£/¥ in their pockets :)


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If I can, I do not use an Adblocker on any of my browsers. I do however, use Ghostery to block online trackers, and social media widgets.

Intrusive Ads usually appear on shady websites, and which should be avoided to stay out of trouble. These sites force Ads when clicking anywhere on the site, pop-ups overlays, background tab pop-ups, fake downloaders with Adware-infested installers, non-closable JS window messages, and potentially malvertised Ads.

On better trusted sites, if your browser has a Reading mode, you can use that to cut-out the unwanted materials. Some sites like have Closable and Skippable Ads, you can read more here: YouTube advertising formats - YouTube Help


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Ads are total garbage! They are the visual part of the violation of your privacy.
They target you, they use false information to persuade you, they want your money and nothing else (but I won't blame capitalism too for that :p)...
Especially in sites like Google and YouTube I'd be more than happy to block everything! Come on, they don't make money from ads, they can find (and have found) other ways...
In sites though that make revenue only from ads, I could whitelist them easily. Adblocking is not theft, is a choice, like turning off the TV.


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Here is my opinion. And it will be harshly against allowing ads. Please don't read if you are going to get upset with me. If that isn't enough warning, I voted for "Yes- Ads are garbage". To put it kindly, ask for donations, not force ads.

If you start a site, don't expect others to pay for it. Make it a pay to access site, or go work for a company who can pay you. Don't go to a street corner and expect money to be put in your hat just because others passing by looked at you and your sitting there singing a song. Even if there are enjoying it and watching you the whole time. Your doing it for free, showing it as free, don't expect cash. The world don't work like that.

A good many people on the internet use ads to make money from crappy content and yet they are rich and I'm sitting poor. How's that fair that you steal my bandwidth for your benefit without my permission and track me at the same time? Screw that. If you want money, make a donate button. People are generous, so you should be too toward others that chose to spend time interacting with your content instead of treating them like a money source like many YouTubers do.

What to do instead of donations? Have a ton of free content and a decent selection of paid content. Do good work, get paid good money. This world might be full of evil, but it also full of good. People will be generous depending on what you have to offer and how you treat them. Also... why are you relying on a site to feed your family? There's always the chance that you won't succeed on the internet (higher chance to fail than succeed. More so if you have ads all over your site. And since ads don't give that much per ad per visitor, you'd have to spam ads especially if you don't have many visitors at all. If you care about your family, don't take a chance on their health, get a job that can actually support them without fail. Don't go spending money on a server that you can't afford... use that money to support your family... and to afford a server, you need money anyway which probably mean you have a job, use it to support your family, use the site for free time killing... common sense people.


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@OokamiCreed, hail you, my friend!
Let me disagree at one thing though; there are some sites that offer great free content (take MajorGeeks for example) that need some text-based ads to pay for the maintenance costs. Let's help them keep up what they do, not pay for their food!


Ads are merely an annoyance in that they are both a distraction and can slow down the browser.

The real issue is the delivery of malware and PUPs\PUAs via CDN servers... that 's why they should be blocked.


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Actually those developers of a website which subscribe for advertisement are not totally loss any profits.

In a billion of users worldwide, majority may not using Adblockers hence a money is still generated.

The reason Adblockers are exist, is because we have the right to remove any annoyances especially on a strange websites where massive pop ups may occur + security reasons. So its a highly recommened to block advertisement as possible.

But if you are in the dealing of PTC (Paid to click Advertisement) better not as based on my experience, no any malvertizing or any drive by downloads occur.
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arslan ejaz

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I doesn't have problem with ads unless it has obtrusive content and big giants like Google, Facebook etc have number of ways to make money other than ads and also 60-70% people don't even know that they can block ads basically they are Facebook people usually who only turn on they PC for listening songs, watching movies and wasting time on fb and from these people tech giants generates a lot of revenue


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Yes i block advertisements whenever i can but only the really obtrusive ones.Users should always have the choice as to whether the websites they visit are to be filled with garbage or not.:D
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Selected poll results, in relation to: Google Chrome reportedly bypassing Adblock, forces users to watch full-length video ads

For those 17 votes on obstructive Ads should be blocked, what about Skippable Ads and Overlay Ads on videos? Skippable Ads can be dismissed after 5 seconds, which is nothing compared to Non-Skippable Ads that can range from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. Overlay Ads can be closed immediately.

@Chromatinfish 123 What do you think about the Ads on Youtube, Skippable vs Non-Skippable Ads?

How many consider any sort of Video Ads obstructive?


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Overall I'm not bothered with ads as long as they aren't blocking the content I wish to see and force me instead to watch them. Yes that includes skippable ads and some overlay ads. Sometimes I really do wish there was an adblocker just for those kind of ads.