Top 11 apps every Windows 11 user should have


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Apr 24, 2016
Windows 11 is becoming more popular among regular users, gaming audiences, and business customers every month. Although Microsoft has already released several feature updates with much-needed changes (more to come in early 2023), Windows 11 still has some notable shortcomings. Also, Microsoft cannot please everyone, so it is natural to expect relative discontent among those willing to ditch Windows 10.

If you are already in the Windows 11 team or just plan to upgrade, here are 11 apps (in no particular order) we consider must-haves on Microsoft's latest OS. They improve existing features or add something Windows 11 lacks (they also work perfectly fine on Windows 10).

1. Start11 ($4.99, 30-day trial)​

2. PowerToys (free)​

3. Twinkle Tray (free)​

4. NanaZIP (free)​

5. Files App (free)​

6. Auto Dark Mode (free)​

7. ShareX (free)​

8. EarTrumpet (free)​

9. QuickLook (free)​

10. Paint.NET (free)​

11. Dynamic Theme (free)​

Of course, we cannot list every app in a single article. If you know other hidden gems for Windows 11 and 10, let us and others know in the comments below to spread the knowledge!
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Jan 29, 2017
Most of these are dull as dirt (ShareX excluded) and require the Microsoft Store. Seems like overt pimping more than any serious attempt to define "must have" applications.
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Apr 1, 2017
tried Twinkle Tray and EarTrumpet,
try Tyrrrz/LightBulb. also, there a chinse wallpaper software for windows its feature rich and very customizable + 3d animated wallpapers.
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Dec 7, 2021
I've used Stardock Start *.* for some years & tried it on 11 But for unknown reasons I found it wasn't as good as past versions - I actually like the 11 system with shortcuts & now use Free Commander (donation) for tiding the start menu up. Don't see any use for he other apps & try to keep 1 as lean as possible anyway :):)

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