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By Eduard Kovacs on November 06, 2019

Trend Micro on Tuesday disclosed an insider threat incident that involved an employee selling the personal information of roughly 100,000 customers to tech support scammers.

Trend Micro learned in early August that some customers of its home security product had been getting scam calls from individuals claiming to represent Trend Micro support. An investigation was launched immediately and, in late October, the company concluded that an insider was involved.

“Our open investigation has confirmed that this was not an external hack, but rather the work of a malicious internal source that engaged in a premeditated infiltration scheme to bypass our sophisticated controls,” Trend Micro said.


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what a sneaky little rat , that employee! I guess they will have to tighten up "security" at that security firm! very stupid of them to not crossreffernce him / her before hiring... its not the first japanese company that failed.... the person would be sleeping with the fishes with concrete shoes on when he / she was working for don corleone ;) :)


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@Slyguy used to work for Trend.
Good times with Trend, but I was gone before they merged fusion centers with Booz Allen.

Free Trend for life still isn't enough incentive to use it. One may want to Google Booz Allen if they aren't appraised of this or that.