Level 17
I'am part of their beta testing...
So far nothing new(Technical) improvements, But heuristics, and TM Engine upgrades(VSAPI) , Antispam and web filtering too got changes
Surprisingly i didn't face any slowdowns, and all the shields doing the job as they should..Rootkit pattern engne too got so so changes
Try it..:LOL:
That sounds good.(y)
I like the simple clean GUI and their strong protection. I just kicked the old version because I had some slowdowns and slow web browsing

Deleted Member 3a5v73x

Omg login page so bugged, had already existing BETA account, can't login Login | Beta Portal - Trend Micro nor reset password. Any other way to download BETA versions?

Edit: nvm, found at comss. Still can't login in official page.

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