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Sep 2, 2021
Hello and welcome to the Trend Micro test!
Trend Micro is a Japanese publisher, very well known in the world of computer security.
The publisher went 100% Cloud in 2011 with its former name Titanium and has matured over the years.
Trend Micro is mainly aimed at computer neophytes because there is... no setting! You install it and forget it.

In terms of protection, Trend Micro is very good!
Its scanner has had a good improvement but still not enough.
But it has an excellent behavior blocker!
Beware, it almost got caught on HTA and Batch attacks, fortunately Trend Micro managed to prevent them from starting.
It is recommendable.

RAM Usage : Low
Malware URL test : 10/10 (All blocked)
Fake crack : 1/1 (Blocked)
Malware Pack : Remaining 25 files out of 190.
Good result from Trend Micro.
Still some weaknesses on HTA and Batch scripts.
Otherwise it's all good

Resistance to script attacks: Yes

Result :
Trend : 0
NPE: 0
KVRT : 0
EEK : 1
Eset : 0

Recommand : Yes
System Clean : System protected

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Dec 2, 2016
Nice test. Another one on the reccomended list. Shame about the scripts though.

On my screen it comes up as $19.95 USD: the same price as Norton at least for the first year. But no opinion, I'm not using either one.
Look on eBay or Amazon for cheap keys. You can usually pick one up for much cheaper than $19.95. As per usual research seller.

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Dec 2, 2016
has pay pal option
Don't base your trust and who you buy from if a seller/merchant offers PayPal or Secure Code/Secure Pay or any legitimate internet banking transfer option. There are plenty of illicit and dodgy operators/sellers who offer those payment methods. There are some very good scam sites that would fool the most security conscience user and scammers never rest. As always research the seller, shop and get a general feeling of the business before paying or handing over your personal data.
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