New Update Trend Micro Security Upgrade for Windows Available Now!


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Oct 6, 2021

What's New in Trend Micro Security for Windows?​

Here are the new features and enhancements you get from the latest Trend Micro Security update on Windows:

Stronger Protection​

Enhanced Detection on Emotet​

Scans and detects Emotet malware on password-protected attachments.

Browser Notification Scam Detection​

Checks browser notifications you enabled if they are suspicious and may lead to scams.

You may see these pop ups when Trend Micro scans your web browsers for scams:

Feature Improvements​

Make Trend Micro notifications more relevant to you​

Enabling this feature makes Trend Micro notifications and pop ups less annoying. You will only see them if there are actions needed.

  • While installing the program:
    Make Trend Micro notifications more relevant to you - Check while installing
  • Enable through Program Settings:
    Make Trend Micro notifications more relevant to you - Enable in Program Settings

Trend Micro Vault Refinement for Windows 11​

Can now open PDF files inside the Trend Micro Vault when using a PDF viewer (ie: Adobe Acrobat) as the default app.

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