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Everyone deserves privacy when going online.

Far too many websites and services keep track of everything you do on the internet, whether you like it or not.

Trend Micro has a solution — the free Trend Micro Zero web browser. It not only automatically blocks ads, tracking systems, and potential online hijackers, but also reduces data usage and helps websites load faster.

To protect your privacy, it deletes your internet browsing history and any data you have received once you close the app. After all, nobody can threaten your privacy if you have nothing around to find.

Trend Micro has made a commitment to keeping your personal data safe, and will keep adding new features to make you even safer.

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Level 43
Most developers push apps for iOS before Android, for example, Firefox Focus and Fortnite. Deal with it.
I know the reason for it, I just think it's silly, especially with the resources Trend has.. The reason for iOS preference is ONLY a matter of logistics and manpower. For iOS you basically have to develop and test for two devices (iPhone/iPad) across a very limited slice of operating system versions.

With Android you have close to 6,000 different devices running hundreds of different operating systems and variants from 4.3.1-8.0, and a wide array of modifications from vendors. Add to that mix, Chromebooks which now run Android Apps having to also be developed and tested for.

So yeah, I get it, it's easier, cheaper and faster. But they are still working with around 10% global penetration vs almost 90%. That was really my point, Trend is being lazy.