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  1. OokamiCreed

    OokamiCreed Level 18

    May 8, 2015
    Student (Information Technology)
    Pennsylvania (east of Pittsburgh)
    Windows 10
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    Name of Software/Product:
    Trustport Internet Security
    -Multi-engine (3 by my count). 2 of which seems to be from Bitdefender and AVG (reputable companies) and one engine by Trustport itself
    -Contains zero day modules capable of killing off modern threats
    -Very good web exploit protection
    -Above average web blocking
    -Very customizable for experienced users (can touch every aspect of each module for the most part)
    -Does not delete, quarantine, etc files without permission (custom setting)
    -Very responsive AV, Firewall, and Application Inspection (seems to be HIPS)
    -Application Inspection can be used to defend against ransomware as well as system files/registries (by default, only system file/registry is protected - not image files in pictures, etc)
    -Does not slow boot much, has boot time protection
    -Very fast scans (after system prescan)
    -UI is easy to use. Settings easy to manage/change
    -Offer good protection on default settings
    -Little false positives
    -At this time, Trustport is one of the cheapest AV that I've seen (may be a special offer period)
    -RAM usage on idle/during work is stable (no leaks) under 200MB (around 100 - 150MB consistently while sticking away from 200MB consumption comfortably)
    -Poor/non-existent exploit protection with desktop applications such as PDF readers
    -Not so good phishing protection
    -Heuristics not on by default - may decrease detection but also decrease false positives
    -Moving files to different directory will sometimes cause high CPU usage (mostly archives)
    -Prescan heavy on CPU and disk. Your computer may expeience slow downs for several minutes (however it will let you know when it is done with prescan via notification on bottom right)
    -Unless you protect files/folders with Application Inspection manually, you will have little protection against ransomware
    -Allowed startup items to exist for malicious software. Application Inspection does not respond to new entries into startup
    -Selecting "Public" for a network will by default distrust digitally signed applcations (you can check the box to re-enable trust). This causes software even created by Microsoft themselves (for example, OneDrive) to be manually allowed to connect to the internet.
    Bottom Line:
    Despite is fallbacks in some areas, this software will protect you where it matters most. Custom settings will further enhance protection in a very noticeable way. After prescan of your system, scans such as quick scan will be extremely fast and capable of noticing new files (and if malicious, will flag them). During longer scans (such as full scan) the system will be taxed via CPU and disk usage. In general, this software does not slow down daily activities, boot time, or your internet connection.
    Overall Rating:
    Very Good - 4 / 5 ✪
    I personally would recommend this product because of it's unique engine layout, low price, great customization, etc.

    Installation process is quick and easy. You do not need to enter a email or other details to get a trial. During setup you can enter a key or select trial (which lasts for 30 days).


    As you can see, the idle RAM usage is quite low for a multi-engine AV.


    During scan, you can expect regularly high CPU and high potential for high disk usage. Take note this VM drive was hosted on my SSD, not HDD. HDD will no doubt take a heavier hit.


    This is the typical alert you will get while attempting to connect to a malicious/phishing web site. As mentioned already, phishing protection is not the best and could improve.


    During testing, I entered onto website that contain hidden malcious scripts. Trustport (to my surprise) is actually quite good at blocking these guys.


    Again to my surprise, Trustport does very well against web based exploits. What I found weird was how Trustport isn't so good at blocking exploits on other desktop applications such as pdf readers. One of which was a ransomware (quite a weak one in fact - so I am very disappointed). Adding extra folders and the like to Application Inspection should prevent malware like ransomware from take over (encrypting) your files.


    As you'll notice, I have checked to trust digitally signed application to avoid false positives for Microsoft system and applications. This may allow digitally signed malicious application through if AV/Application Inspection does not catch any malicious activity or match a signature. During an alert, Trustport will give you the information needed to decide what you should do including things like IP address, remote port, local port, etc. During testing, the firewall was a large contributor in keeping the system clean.


    Whether it is a dropped file, file in transit (downloading), etc, with having Trustport "ask user", you will get a plethora of options. Action is immediate and I have experience no delays in removal process.


    When a file (either malicious or trusted) attempts to modify any protected files/registry (by default, this is system only, not applications), you will get an alert with details of the file in question, the action trying to be taken, and options of what response you would like to take.

    One thing to note with this module is that if you chose to remember choice, the rule will be saved. Future executions/actions of this file will be allowed/denied depending on the option you chose. To delete the rule if you made a mistake (or other reasons), you must open up the interface, select "Advanced Configuration" on the bottom left, click "Application Inspector", then "Advanced" buttom on the bottom right and under "User rules" tab will be a list of files for allowed, restricted, or blocked.

    You can either right click an entry and remove, or click then hit "Action" at the bottom then remove. You also will get options to change its rating to one of the other two if you so wish.

    Well that is it for this written review. Will edit any mistakes/add information if needed. Apologies if this software was reviewed for 2015 version already. I figure since I'm messing it with, mind as well put up a review.
  2. Tornado

    Tornado New Member

    Nov 22, 2015
    Looks quite good, surprisingly :cool:
  3. safe1st

    safe1st Level 16

    Jan 29, 2016
    Windows 10
    TrustPort is good product.. but not much people know this product. We should spread the word :D
  4. Online_Sword

    Online_Sword New Member

    Mar 23, 2015
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    Several months ago, I found a bug of Application Inspector: , which seems to be serious.

    I do not know whether this bug has been fixed or not.
  5. hjlbx

    hjlbx Guest

    Believe it or not, Trustport HIPS is actually quite decent. Other things still need work.
  6. jerzy601

    jerzy601 Level 13

    Jun 20, 2011
    Windows 8.1
    TrustPort is a very good product has a good detection rate and does not charge a lot of system resources, but it needs to be set up with the system, some time ago I used it and I did not have him any trouble now I do not have a license for that soft, but I would gladly come back to it .
  7. bitbizket

    bitbizket New Member

    Jul 26, 2011
    Very good review and effort put into. Trust Port is very decent product but not much publicity by the dev same goes with Dr.Web.
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  8. Nirmaljot singh baidwan

    Feb 19, 2017
    I'm currently using trustport total sphere on one of my machine and it's great, it uses AVG, DR.WEB,BITDEFENDER, VIRUSBLOKADA, TRUSTPORT's own engine. I also have fsecure on one of my machines , i find trustport better in terms of detection , owing to its so many engines. While f-secure is peace of mind with minimal or no alerts, trustport gives you so many alerts, even when Google chrome is trying to make a connection ( this can be tweaked in settings though), but that's how i like it, makes me feel in control.
  9. Slyguy

    Slyguy Level 22

    Jan 27, 2017
    Fortinet Engineer
    Other OS
    Where do you see it uses all of those engines? The white paper on Total Sphere says 2 engines.
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  10. VeeekTor

    VeeekTor Level 5

    May 16, 2017
    Windows 10
    Hope it's better than the 2016 version...(FAILED)

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  11. Nirmaljot singh baidwan

    Feb 19, 2017
    Engines of Trustport
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