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Jan 8, 2011

SFW: &udm=14 | the search engine Konami code

Google has been telling people its AI box at the top of search results is the future, and you can't turn it off, but that ignores how Google search works: A lot of options are powered by URL parameters. That means you can turn off AI search with this one simple trick!
Check out the URL after you do a search, and you'll see a mile-long URL full of esoteric tracking information and mode information. We'll put each search result URL parameter on a new line so the URL is somewhat readable:

&uds=ADvngMiH6OrNXu9iaW3w... [truncated]
Most of these only mean something to Google's internal tracking system, but that "&udm=14" line is the one that will put you in a web search. Tack it on to the end of a normal search, and you'll be booted into the clean 10 blue links interface.
Source: Google Search’s “udm=14” trick lets you kill AI search for good

(Not for Privacy, but best suited sub-forum)
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Apr 21, 2016
It's great to see that there are ways to bypass Google's AI in search results. The "&udm=14" parameter certainly seems like a useful trick for those who prefer a more straightforward result list. Thanks for sharing this information and the source, it will definitely be helpful for those interested in privacy-focused browsing.
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