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I noticed in Process Explorer, one of the Unchecky processes are flagged in VirusTotal. It's a False Positive for those who are concerned.


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Unchecky 0.3.7

What's new in this version:

  • Improved stability during install, update and uninstall.
  • Add process ID when logging to activity log.
  • Activity log bug fixes.
  • Remove buggy WMI code.
  • Improved installer support: KSS, winplayer, Conduit,
Download: Unchecky 0.3.7 | 963 KB (Freeware)
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Unchecky 0.3.8

What's new in this version:

  • Fix bug which prevented proper shutdown after certain installers
  • Updated support for
  • Improved Winplayer detection
  • Improved Yandex support
  • Fixed rare errant trayicon behavior
  • Partially improved support for iTva installers
  • Improved Chinese
  • Added Lithuanian translation
  • Added Bulgarian translation
  • Fixed Android Studio false positive
  • Added multi-language support for Skype
  • Added Yandex detection inside Skype
  • Improved support for Shockwave Player
  • Improved logging during Unchecky start
Download: Unchecky 0.3.8 |
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Can anyone verify the process that virus total is flagging as "a variant of Win32/InstallCore.ACL potentially unwanted"

Jw I wanted to hear from other users and if there are any noticeable differences after installing this. It worries me a bit and is this compatable with Windows 10? J/W does anyone have any hitmanpro hits with it or any other av flagging it? Other than Eset Nod?
Remove AdWare.Win32.InstallCore (Virus Removal Guide)
I did read this post which flags it as a false positive though I'd like to know what process would flag this within unchecky? Sorry haven't used the software yet and would like some feedback before I install it.
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v0.4 (October 12, 2015)
  • Implemented browser offer handling.
  • Implemented warning tooltips.
  • Added an option to clear the activity log.
  • Added support for Silverlight.
  • Added support for Kuwo Music 2015.
  • Improved support for Java.
  • Improved support for uTorrent.
  • Improved support for iTVA installers.
  • Improved support for several HTML-based installers.
  • Improved support for Novicorp WinToFlash.
  • Improved support for OpenCandy offers.
  • Removed several false positive detections.
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Changes in Unchecky 0.4.3:
  • Improved support for Java.
  • Added support for Adguard.
  • Added support for Microsoft Silverlight (64-bit).
  • Added support for RealPlayer.
  • Added support for DevID Agent.
  • Added support for Replace Text in Many Files .
  • Improved support for Panda Free Antivirus.
  • Improved support for MediaGet.
  • Improved support for IrfanView.
  • Improved support for GOM Media Player.
  • Improved support for MyPlayCity installers.
  • Implemented hosts file backup.
  • Updated Bulgarian and Croatian translations.
Download: Unchecky 0.4.3 | 1.4 MB (Freeware)
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Unchecky first non-beta released.

Download -

Changelog -
v1.0 (August 21, 2016)
  • First non-beta release. We consider Unchecky to be stable enough for everyday use.
  • Warning tooltips are enabled by default.
  • Added support for LogMeIn Hamachi.
  • Added support for Kaspersky Total Security.
  • Added support for Zona.
  • Added support for RusTV Player.
  • Added support for AnVir Task Manager.
  • Added support for the Microsoft LifeChat installer.
  • Added support for Anvsoft installers.
  • Improved support for the WinZip installer.
  • Improved support for iTVA software installers, such as Dicter.
  • Improved support for Auslogic software installers, such as BoostSpeed.
  • Improved support for Yandex software offers.
  • Improved support for AIMP 4.
  • Improved support for Adobe Shockwave Player.
  • Improved support for Stardock installers.
  • Updated translations: Chinese (Traditional), Swedish.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.