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HiBit, Revo, Wise, Geek, IOBit, Glarysoft
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It's been some time since I used it, but from memory it doesn't do a good job of finding leftovers.
I wanted to try a portable version, but it doesn't seem to be distributed in that way.

I'm particular about the portable version of the uninstall software. Because it makes me feel a bit strange to install the uninstaller software using the installer.

The uninstall software installed using the installer must be uninstalled using another uninstall software. Install the new uninstall software and delete the old oneo_O. It is an infinite chaino_O. Using the portable version is essential to get out of that endless corridor.
We apologize for the delayed response.

I thought the portable version was only limited to the Pro version, but I can see that it's offered in the free version now as well. Was it any different before?
Version 1.x.x of Revo Uninstaller Freeware indeed lacked a portable option, however, with the second major release (2.x.x), we introduced the portable as well.

Because the "suitable for use with USB stick" is not checked under Revo Uninstaller Freeware under this link.

Revo Uninstaller Products comparison link
The comparison is based on the standard (installable) version, as the inclusion of another column might make the table look a bit too large and clunky, however, we will pass on the feedback.


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Was and still am a user of Revo Uninstaller in most of my systems, however on the gaming system, I have been using Hibit since i caught wind of such tool existence and its been enough from day one to keep it in one of my systems.

I do recommend Iobit uninstaller but the old 2.4 version, not the new ones. Old 2.4 was by far the best before it got messed up.


Level 26
Expanded the testing to 9 other uninstallers - more details yet to be included. You can read my full review at Gizmo's Freeware as editor George.J in the next few days for the Best Free Uninstaller category. Note: Only free version of the softwares were tested.

Leftover files cleaning have been tested with
  • CCleaner,
  • Google Chrome,
  • Internet Download Manager,
  • Adobe Flash Player,
  • IrfanView,
  • MediaPlayer Codec Pack,
  • Imgburn,
  • Shareit,
  • Skype &
  • Winrar.
Will post more details later on.

Full review up and live at Gizmo's Freeware - Best Free Program Uninstaller category