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I have no problems with Browsing speed in BDIS,
Auto pilot always gets the job done, without getting messy.
Its scan speed has improved a lot,

BSOD just use the direct download offline links. Dont go in for the online install, sometimes you may not get great speeds. But dont worry updates are fast.
Initial update size is 55MB.


To be honest, you will have to try it yourself.

On an AMD Dual core E series (cant remember by heart the model), 4gb RAM and a mid end budget ATI mobile card, it ran fine, as well as on a stripped Intel Celeron with 3GB RAM and onboard Graphics card.

Now on my i7 quad, things went horribly wrong for both BD and avast and still do (although avast! latest build was fine on my gaming laptop apart from drop on FPS as well as streamline updates not working).

Still I remain saying: Scan speed of BD is in comparison slower than MSE.


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Hey BSOD, you gotta live dangerously ;)
Just make sure you have a good partition image, before proceeding with Bitdefender - it has got a lot of positive points going for it, and sadly it can be handful sometimes - individual experiences vary.

A few points to consider before/if you proceed with the switch:
  • Granularity of settings - depending on whether you're set-and-forget or a fidler type of person, you'll either love it or you'll be indifferent to mildly irritated by this. Bitdefender have done a complete turnaround in their approach - from 3 different interface levels [Beginner, Intermediate and Expert with heaps of settings] to a fairly limited scope of editable options, for silent security.
  • SafePAY and Sandboxing - equivalent to Safe Zone in paid avast versions. Recorded excellent scores alongside Kaspersky, Emsisoft and avast! in the 2nd round of Online Payments Threats comparative testing [MT thread].
  • Scans do take a while, and Auto Scan seems to be working in isolation, since it doesn't seem to be adding anything to a persistent cache? I haven't intentionally checked for subsequent scan time improvements, though. Custom scans seem a bit of an afterthought - I don't think you can even edit the scan name to something meaningful, once created.
  • Compatibility with other security software, although improved in 2013 editions, could still pose an issue, depending on your requirements or existing software installations. Not sure if you use a 3-rd party firewall/HIPS, it's worth considering switching off overlapping functionality.
  • Consider editing the default action on detection - I usually set it to Block Access, just to be on the safe side.
  • HTTP/HTTPS traffic scan can cause some variation in your browsing speed.
  • Web protection has been given a considerable performance boost [after the initial struggles with 2012 release] and I hardly notice any slowdowns when browsing. In terms of protection, there's little to be desired.

In case you haven't seen these already - couple of informative threads on BD Forum:

Features of Bitdefender 2013

SafePAY features

Good luck, and please share your experience, if you decide to proceed.


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In terms of protection BDIS in not better than Avast according to my opinion. BD has better signatures but Avast has great sandboxing technology, EvoGen etc. Plus it has served me well the past 3 years. As for bugs/problems etc there have been incidents for both products.