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For those who are trying to upgrade from v1809 of Windows 10 to the latest and the greatest(?) v1903, and have encountered the dreaded Error Code: 8007005 Windows Update Encountered a Problem, after waiting long to download, and then install, I found this solution:

Now to be clear this solution worked for my particular Desktop PC after I encountered the error during installation. After I tried what was suggested in the article, I had to wait for Windows Update to download the components again, and let it install them. It worked, and I have v1903 on my system now.

However, I cannot guarantee that it will work for you but it seemed simple enough, and for me it was either try it or wait, and try again down the road, or just keep my current version of Windows 10 v1809 and capitulate. Microsoft OS updates are like running a marathon, who will survive?

Anyway, I thought I would put this out there for all you computer geeks, and tech gurus, as a possible solution.

Hope it helps.
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