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My humble settings
The suggestions given by other people in this topic are sound, specially CCleaner and PrivaZer for privacy and paragon for backup.
In regards to a second scanner like MBAM while a great addition your config shows simplicity and with BD as your total package you got everything pretty much covered. As i said many times before a bit of brains, sound computer habits, sound browsing habits = happy computer.



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Consider CCleaner or Privazer
Some type of back up solution
I would also recommend adding some on demand scanners
Looks good!! Thanks for sharing your config :)
consider adding malwarebytes antimalware free for on demand scaners and ccleaner for privacy software
and adding these extensions to firefox ghostrey web of trust


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Backup and Recovery is a must, having already an external HDD or performing backup using built in from Windows/third party program which better than nothing.

Any reason for not updating 8.1?