Serious Discussion Using the $35 Keychron C3 Pro Mechanical Keyboard


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Jan 8, 2011
When I tell people I prefer using mechanical keyboards, I often hear that they're too expensive. Even people in tech circles have told me they can't find a quality mechanical keyboard for a decent price. Is $28 decent enough for you?

That's how much the Keychron C3 Pro is going for on Amazon right now. It's a sale price that could change, but the keyboard was still only $35 when it released in September. Since September 21, I've been using the budget clacker as my primary keyboard, and it has kept up with my busy workload—writing about 17 articles for Ars Technica and more emails than I care to recount. Expensive mechanical keyboards often come with all sorts of perks worth obsessing over, but the C3 Pro proves that sometimes, cheap is good enough. Mechanical keyboards don't have to be a luxury peripheral.

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Jul 30, 2019
I'm using 2 Keychrons right now. The K10 with Kailh box ancient chinese yellows for my mac, and the Q6 with box jades for my PC.

For the $60 I spent for the K10, I'm VERY happy with how it's working. Granted, I did spend an extra $40 or so on the switches years back, but had them laying around for when I got a new KB. The Q6 is on another level though. It's just incredible.
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