Latest Changes
Dec 25, 2018
Operating System
  • Windows 10
  • Linux/Unix
  • Windows Edition
    Version or Build no.
    RS4 17134.472
    System type
    64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
    Security Updates
    Manual Updates - User intervention required
    User Access Control
    Network Security (Firewall)
    Device Security
  • Windows Defender SmartScreen (Windows 10)
  • User Account
    Sign-in Accounts
    Malware Testing
    I participate by downloading malware samples into an isolated VM environment
    Real-time Web & Malware Protection
    WD platform v1809.50
    RTP - Custom security settings
  • No security settings changes
  • Virus and Malware Removal Tools
    EEK,HMP. (Retiring MBAM and ZAM very soon)
    Browsers and Extensions
    uBO, Cookie Autodelete,BD Traffic Light, SC Currency converter, S3.translator,Default bookmark folder,HTTPS everywhere,Uget, User agent switcher etc...
    Privacy-focused Apps and Extensions
    Password Managers
  • Lastpass
  • Web Search
  • Google, Bing, Duck Duck go
  • System Utilities
    CCleaner, Dism++, Bleachbit,Windows Disk Cleanup,Wise disk cleaner,System Ninja
    Data Backup
    Macrium reflect PE
    Frequency of Data backups
    System Backup
    Macrium reflect PE
    Frequency of System backups
    Computer Specifications


    Level 29
    @Umbra EAM insists about enabling real time protection but how to use it as OD?
    What the hell is HMP, it is damn fast and just scanned a million files just under 2 minutes! Does it contain Alien technology?? I thought Sophos was bad but HMP as OD is really good. Time for MBAM and ZAM to go.