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uBLOCK origin
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Does MB AE actually work in real time or does it rely on signatures? Last week, EMET blocked an outdated version of Java on my PC and promted me to update ASAP.
I've heard Zemana has problems with w10, is it true?
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@Vasudev, your configuration appears to have evolved thoughtfully in respect to allowing for security, and your most recent addition of a recognized and respected software to create an image for your system (imho) lifts your status effectively.
..although our resident "Dark Lord" of the Sith must officially join you with The Force which flows through all of us!:p:rolleyes:

@Umbra, what do you think?:cool:

Update: I just noticed, you currently have PC Secure status!!:):)
The Force is with you!:p

Deleted member 178

@Vasudev no particular mechanisms, all is set under my supervision. Remember that this section is not about showing off but about asking for advices and show to other members what should be a proper config.
The rating i give is based on how a basic user may perceive your config, not about how YOU can handle it.


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Yeah but in 2018 . Stil plenty of time.

Aren't too many your extension ? Ghostery and ublock , why ? Can't you replace them with ublock origin ?
I am indeed using uBO, forgot to add origin. Sorry my bad.
Webutation (Wasn't showing Status on title bar of FF 49)
HMPA free ( Causing stuttering even on High End PC)
BD TrafficLight