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the scan speed improvment is amazing and i realy,realy like the privacy settings. one of the rare one that care about our privacy. Emsisoft becomes better and better,its a real keeper.
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I contacted their support and asked if there will be bigger changes in the upcoming beta versions and if the want to enhance the PUP detection and heres the answer from their support:

Hello, and thank you for contacting Emsisoft Support.

There will probably be a number of changes (mostly small ones) to Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security 10 before it is released. Obviously any other new additions we may plan to make could change at any time, so we don't normally mention what things we are considering doing so that we don't disappoint anyone when the software is finally released and it doesn't contain some feature or change that they were expecting.

We are always trying to enhance PUP detection, since those types of programs are constantly changing and many new ones appear every day. As you can see in the Surf Protection settings in version 10, we've already made some changes to try to help combat PUPs by adding a category for PUP-related websites to the Surf Protection with options to block them. At the moment I would believe there are only 2 websites in the PUP list for the Surf Protection, as it is still in testing, however we do plan on expanding this over time.

Best regards,

Arthur Wilkinson
Customer Support