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ThreatTrack Security is proud to announce the release of VIPRE Internet Security 2016 Beta!

Here is a list of features and fixes included in this release.

Windows 10 Support
  • VIPRE Internet Security 2016 has been designed to interface with the Security Center in Windows 10 to give you better visibility of your protection status
  • Microsoft has implemented a system where older versions of anti-malware products will be removed during upgrades to subsequent versions of Windows 10. This version has been tested and deemed compatible so it will not be removed during upgrades.
New Protection Feature - Exploit Protection
  • Designed to detect exploits hidden within web pages. Most newer malware is delivered using exploits in malicious and compromised web pages. This feature will detect and block the pages that contain exploit code.
Improved Feature - Auto Patch
  • We have improved the functionality of Auto Patch
  • Faster scans and patching of third party applications
Bugs fixed/minor feature improvements in this release:
  • Strange looking Active Protection - ON button
  • InstallVIPRE creates a Default Deep Scan
  • Clicking tray icon brings up an incorrect prompt and doesn't open VIPRE's UI
  • Turning on automatic updates from the MyVIPRE page sets the wrong value for the update interval
  • Antivirus history leaves popups open
  • Update History page, About VIPRE, and Support Tools won't stop flashing after doing a patch update
  • VIPRE Definition Update Interval is blank
  • In 'prompt' mode, firewall sometimes blocks connections without attempting to create a prompt
  • Restore Antivirus Defaults does not restore all antivirus settings
  • VIPRE is failing to install on Windows XP
  • Some patches are coming up with a blank name
  • Exclude removable drives option doesn't work for full scheduled scans
  • An additional firewall rule for the patch management agent is added every service restart
  • Windows Security Center reports VIPRE expired during install
  • SBAMSvc is failing to start on Windows XP x86
  • VIPRE UI crash when restore defaults button is hit under Privacy
  • VIPRE UI crashes on Windows 10 during start
  • If user always allows any registry threat, after that VIPRE UI crashes if user attempts to see allowed items
Known Issue:
  • If you choose download and install on Windows 8.1, SmartScreen will block the download and installation with no way to bypass. Instead, you should choose to download the file, then run it from the disk. This will allow you to select continue anyway and run the installer. This issue will be resolved by release date.

  • Auto Patch will not be able to download patches if you connect to the internet via a proxy. We are looking into this and hope to have it resolved by final release.

  • Windows Vista will not allow the VIPRE service to start due to error: "577 - Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file." Beta 1 will not be able to be ran on Windows Vista and those wishing to test the beta in this environment will need to wait for the next beta version.
You can install the VIPRE Antivirus/Internet Security beta using the following options:

Option 1: Enable Beta Updates in the VIPRE UI
  • Open your currently installed version of VIPREOpen Support Tools
    • VIPRE 2014 - Click Help > Support Tools
    • VIPRE 2015 - Click Account > About VIPRE > Support Tools
  • Enable the Install Beta Updates option by placing a check in the box
  • Once this is enabled, you can have VIPRE do a check for software updates to prompt you to install the beta version
Option 2: Uninstall then re-install with Beta Installer
  • Uninstall your currently installed version of VIPRE using the Windows Control Panel
  • Reboot if prompted
  • Click the link below and save the file
NOTE: Do not choose the run option if using Internet Explorer

Download: VIPRE Internet Security 2016 Beta 1

  • Run the file from the location it was saved to start the installer
  • Proceed with the installation instructions in the installer
VIPRE Internet Security 2016 Beta Key: 405P9-N64TX-M8FJP-3A97N-8WBPX
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