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"The top three issues readers highlighted were:

Speed up scanning time
Improve malware clean-up
Incorporate auto-update capabilities"



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Ok here is what I think of it.

1. Has too many false positives. (A total of 21 false positives from my three hard drives).

2. Doesn't allow you to select a drive to scan, it scans all drives by default including removable drives.

3. The scan takes a very long time if you have a large hard drive or several hard drives on your system.

4. After scan is complete, the results appear in a small window which is hard to see.

5. It doesn't allow you to select what you want to remove or allow you to report false positives. You either have to remove all that it detected including false positives or remove nothing at all.

There are much better removal tools available. Sophos Removal Tool could have excellent detection of malware, but not giving you the options to not remove the false positives makes the product basically useless.

If it happen to remove something very important for your system, it could do more damage than what the infection itself might do.

Also not giving the user control over what they want to scan also doesn't make it appeal.

Another thing which also makes it bad, is it requires you to install it to your system. Most removal tools are portables and require no installation.

Sorry nothing to say good about Sophos Removal Tool.