Update Vodafone RED India launches RED Shield

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    RED Shield is a device security solution offered for Vodafone RED users in India. A device Security Solution is brought to you by Shotformats Digital Productions Private Limited & service is offered by "Servify"
    Homepage: RED Shield

    RED Shield also brings to you amazing features to manage and optimize your phone performance.
    • Mobile Diagnosis - On installation of RED Shield App, your mobile phone will be diagnosed for checking performance of Screen, Camera, Connectivity and Sensors.
    • Anti Virus - Ensure your mobile phone is protected and diagnosed through built-in virus detection features
    • Block Call - Block unwanted calls from people or marketers or anyone whom you choose to not communicate
    • Network Stats - Know the statistics of your network and its performance
    • Memory Management - Manage memory consumption of apps and optimise memory of your phone
    • Identify and Uninstall Apps which take multiple permissions and may compromise your privacy
    • or your data
    • Battery Saver - Identify battery consumption patterns of your mobile phone
    Get apps at
    iOS: RED Shield - Android Apps on Google Play
    Android: Red Shield - Device Security Solution on the App Store
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