Q&A VoodooShield always reverts to Disable/Install mode


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Jan 28, 2016
VoodooShield 6.40 free here (W7 OS). Whenever my computer starts it is in disable/install mode. I can change mode by right clicking on the taskbar icon (desktop icon doesn't work for some reason), but every time I restart my computer it has reverted to disable/install mode. I tried to contact Dan about this a while ago but he stopped responding. Any help would be very much appreciated.


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May 31, 2017
I apologize, I do not remember talking to you about this... did we talk through email? Probably the quickest and best fix would be to exit out of VS, then navigate to the C:\ProgramData\VoodooShield folder and delete the settings.db file, then start VS again. If for some reason this does not fix the issue, you might just want to uninstall VS (and click yes when it asks if you want to delete the settings and logs), then reboot the computer, then reinstall VS again. If neither of these work, please email me at support at voodooshield.com, thank you!


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Jan 17, 2013
Great product and it still is running strong. I've been using it since the beta when you were still over at wilders. Still love it and keep coming back to it regardless of the other security I have installed. Keep up the good work!