VoodooShield - Have you tried it? Would you recommended it?

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Have you tried VoodooShield?

  • Yes, I'm still using it

    Votes: 64 45.4%
  • Yes, but I've uninstalled it

    Votes: 35 24.8%
  • No, I have never tried VoodooShield

    Votes: 35 24.8%
  • I will try it now!

    Votes: 7 5.0%

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Aug 2, 2015
Looks like you guys can't handle that someone else doesn't have the same point of view. Last time you guys went that far that a mod almost closed the thread. I explained my point of view a few times but you still can't handle that I don't like it. If you think that my post was so offensive report it. I've notice that a lot of fanboys from Wilders came here and sent me messages, when you get a free pro key you will always say good things and jump on others. SecureAPlus has the same way, you write articles or posts that make it look good and you get premium keys.

VoodooShield is a cult like Comodo and Webroot. There is a high chance that I will stop posting and not make the second part of "Bypassing security products part 2".
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when you get a free pro key you will always say good things and jump on others.
lel, are you serious? :D Who's jumping on who? Look what you wrote in previous post, just plain rude, i hope you understand that. That wasn't constructive criticism about Voodooshield in any way. Nothing personal mate, i will just assume you're having a bad day o_O:rolleyes:;)
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Jul 28, 2016
everyone is entiteled to his or her own point of view , sometimes disscussions get overheated. but please keep civilized about it all. if someone does not like a product becuase of certain reasons please take the time to listen and let the speaker elaborate his point of view! we should be happy that @NullByte takes the trouble to make these videos ; there not only good for us users , but also for Dan the develloper its his chance to iron out the bugs and vunerabillities and make his product even better!!! please keep it up nullbyte , you have my support!! ;)


I'm tired of saying the same things over and over again. I give up, it only makes MalwareTips look bad and here are some amazing people.


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Nov 19, 2014
I am really puzzled on why we can't disagree without annoying each other. Ok people don't agree about a security software. So what, you can survive with the program or without the program so no reason to destroy the experience of all user visiting a topic.
At the end mods will have to start censoring and closing topics like they do at the other forum and it will be bad for all. You would not be able to say a word offtopic making the whole forum experience sad.
So everyone have a nice day and use the program you want and prefer. If you don't agree with someone mention it, or not, and move on. Take care guys.

I am off topic obviously so please move/remove this if you want.


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Jul 28, 2016
.....I am looking forward to the stable 3. release of VS :)..
Did I hear somebody say that there was a twitter post saying that it was going to be soon? (I don't Tweet)
I haven't checked "the other" forum today...Is Vlad involved again yet?

vlad will have a look at the freezing issues that vs has so yes maybe we will be getting closer to a final realease :)

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I have suggested Dev to remove not reputed/FPs prone AVs for Blacklist Scan And list AVs in the GUI...so that users can select/unselect AVs for detection (Dont know VT policy & could be done or not?).
Dev is stabilizing/optimizing VS & looking into freeze issue some users are experiencing, Vlad is going to look into freeze issue soon. Once things are stable, we will see more features/options in VS as per Dev.

VAi - Safe/Suspicious/Unsafe verdict are there. Safe/Unsafe verdict works good.
Suspicious verdict is kinda let users know VAi detected suspicious And think you can check VAi details on the popups. Some users may find it sensitive or think FPs But as mentioned its to let users know VAi detected suspicious And there is an option in the GUI to not alert for VAi Suspicious verdict.


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Aug 30, 2012
Don't use words like "fanboys" , insult each other, or discuss about he said she said stories without argumentative support.
A lot of words, sentences and posts needs to be corrected or deleted completely from the thread but I won't do it in this case.
Healthy discussion is always welcomed, but please guys, be respectful to each other, stay on topic as much as possible and agree to disagree sometimes.

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Apr 18, 2016
I am back onboard with Voodoo, after giving kaspersky's TAM another try. I like the fact that TAM is integrated with a major AV suite, but it is too glitchy and hard to manage, so I went back to Voodoo.
I dont like TAM. It blocks all unsigned apps by default and it takes time to go through settings and allow them


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Jul 3, 2015
Good morning, how is VooDooshield whitelist? Does this software block a lot of legitimate programs?
depends how you use it.
If you put it on autopilot, you risk certain legit software being blocked. So if you run a lot of niche software, don't do that
Better to put it in smart mode. Then you will be asked whether to block, and you will be given smart info to help you make your decision.
FYI in pro version, you can choose your preferred level, anywhere between reckless, balanced and paranoid
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