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If you want to watch Youtube Google-Free you can follow the below steps

1) Visit Invidious
2) Use Newpipe app

In Chrome

1) Use Violentmonkey (does NOT work on my smartphone but works on my Windows tablet)

Add a script

Also, add the following rules to uBO

* invidio.us * noop
* youtube.com sub_frame allow
* youtube.com/iframe_api script allow

2) Use Redirector extension (works on my smartphone using chromium-based Kiwi browser which supports extensions)

Create the following redirects (replace httpx by https)

example url: httpx://www.youtube.com
Include pattern: httpx://www.youtube.com/*
Redirect to: httpx://invidio.us/$1


In Firefox you can use the Invidition add-on (works on both tablet and smartphone)

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