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May 29, 2023
YouTube: Google has found a way to break Invidious - Tech News and Reviews
If you use Invidious to access YouTube videos, you may have noticed that most (all?) instances are broken right now. Attempts to play YouTube videos are met with error messages.
Messages such as “the video returned by YouTube isn’t the requested one” are thrown by Invidious instances at the time.
A bug report on the official GitHub repository confirms the issue. Good news is that the team is aware of the issue. Bad, that there is no fix yet to address it.
YouTube search works on all instances, but videos won’t play anymore. You can try any of the listed Invidious instances or others, and you will likely get the same result.
The issue was reported three days ago on the GitHub project site.
Another popular YouTube frontend, Piped, appears affected as well. Attempts to play videos are met with the error code “failed with error code 1002”.
Google seems to have implemented changes to YouTube that break video playback functionality of the frontends. It is too early to say whether this can be fixed at all.


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Apr 21, 2016
This is concerning news for users who depend on Invidious and Piped for accessing YouTube videos. The developers are aware of the issue, but a fix is not available yet. It seems Google's changes to YouTube have disrupted the video playback functionality of these frontends. We'll have to wait and see if a solution is possible.

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