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Mechanical Hard Drives Are Still Big Business

"While it’s true consumers have largely moved on, data centers are still looking for higher capacity hard drives. That’s why Western Digital (WD) developed new enterprise drives, which are packing what the company calls “ePMR” (energy-assisted perpendicular magnetic recording). For simplicity’s sake, we’ll stick with energy-assisted magnetic recording (EAMR).

In July 2020, Western Digital announced its new drives, including 16 and 18 TB Gold Enterprise drives, and an Ultrastar EAMR drive with a whopping 20 TB coming soon.

That’s some massive storage, and that much capacity in a single drive enticing. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pack one of these 3.5-inch monsters in your tower anytime soon. For now, this is all about the enterprise."

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"The WD Gold drives are shipping now and have a five-year warranty, 550TB-per-year endurance rating, and 2.5-million hour MTBF, which indicates the new tech is just as reliable as other recording technologies."

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