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Hi all,
I am looking to find a web browser that has a personal news feed built into the browser. As of the moment I am aware of only two that do: Yandex and Opera

Currently I am using Yandex which overall I like quite a bit. Though everytime I clear the cache/browser history the news feed disappears and needs to be reset. Also news sources that I have not personally chosen randomly appear in the feed.

What other web browsers have not only a personal news feed, but also a place where you can pin favourite websites (such as Malwaretips etc...)
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I've been using Opera lately and appreciating it, including it's news feed, what is your opinion of Opera ?
I used Opera before I switched to Yandex about 15 month's ago. Overall I enjoyed using Opera and I'm thinking about going back to it. Some of the settings would not always work properly such as flash content as an example. Though that is a very minor issue.

I've tried many different browsers over the years and by now I'm guessing that a lot of them have changed quite a bit, some for the better, some for the worse.


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Deviating a little from the topic since you mentioned that you use Yandex browser, on my Android am using Yandex Zen launcher and I'm totally in love with the personal news feed that it offers and the style in which the feed appears.