Lord Ami

Level 19
Malware Hunter
I'm back to Webroot on my main PC (laptop still runs F-Secure).
One way to strengthen protection is to tune heuristics to absolute max, as seen in picture.

DJ Panda

Level 29
The truth of the matter is that Webroot is good protection, but not as good as Webroot and fanboys would make you believe.
I have tried cleaning my friend's computer many times doesn't believe in viruses and webroot doesn't seem to protect him or find any of the malicous files Zemana and Malwarebytes catches. Avast isn't that good but it has worked well enough for me. With a balanced config like mine you should be fine. :)
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One of the main weaknesses of WSA is that it does poorly against malicious scripts plus all vulnerable processes shipped with Windows are whitelisted.