Which is the best for Overall Protection?

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bobby holla

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I do not know how to ask this but i need an antivirus and i need someone to suggest for me between this two Antivirus Programs. Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete and Bitdefender Total Security 2016. i don't mind the cost. i just need something super. My new Dell Alienware just arrived and am looking a Security Software to install on it cause i don't like McAfee.


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Alienware has McAfee pre-installed.
  1. Start with the conventional method to uninstall McAfee using Program and Features > Uninstall.
  2. Reboot the PC.
  3. Download the MCPR tool following these instructions.
    • If you cannot find the tool, click here.
  4. Reboot the PC.

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  • System Resource Usage - Webroot (1 % at idle; 20 % at full system scan)
  • Real-World Performance Impact - you won't notice Webroot, sometimes you will notice Bitdefender - which is system dependent
  • Ease of Use - Bitdefender, just install it and use Auto-Pilot, adjust settings to max; same with Webroot settings - set to max
  • Graphical User Interface - both are about the same, Webroot's is a bit more clear-cut
  • Inclusive Product Features - Bitdefender has more features - some not needed - like system optimizer and parental controls
  • Real-World Protection - I give the edge to Bitdefender because it has a fully functional firewall and intrusion detection system
  • Preferred Product and Why? - I prefer Webroot because it is so incredibly light
Both will provide your system with decent base-line protection - if you are a reasonable web\PC user.

Webroot support is infinitely better than BItdefender's, but I wouldn't expect anything spectacular out of Webroot either.


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Webroot is the lightest AV ever there is, period. Love the UI, easy to find things, not clunky. Protection wise, see HJLBX's post. However, I have to pick Webroot because despite the fact it has a few less protective features, it's still good. Just add an anti-executable, and I still think you'll have better system performance than using BitDefender and equal if not better protection. Just my opinion. However, if you only care about protection and supplemental protection is a non-factor -- BitDefender. I'd PERSONALLY choose Webroot if I was given a free key.


I personally recommend Webroot.

Just set Heuristics to "Block any program that is not whitelisted."

That setting acts as an anti-executable for any files not on the Webroot safe list.

But in terms of sheer protections - Bitdefender is more capable of protecting system.

Webroot is lighter and potentially causes fewer problems.