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Malware Tester
I gamed a lot. Sadly, lately I've stopped. I only game once in a while. When I was a teenager, I could spend dozens of hours with a single game, laughing and enjoying great moments. Now, life has slapped me in the face so many times, my priorities have changed. I sometimes make an effort to open a game and try to enjoy it. Sadly, it's not the same. I find more pleasure into watching nature videos or documentaries, playing with my security and trying to stay informed in the recent security news. I try to fortificate my systems, I enjoy doing it! I still enjoy gaming a bit though, but I've changed a lot. I'm more of a nature person now, animal-caring, enjoying trees and nice air. I have changed dozens of gaming hours for a couple of hours resting in the grass. I'm not saying I miss the old days, but I certainly had a great time I wish I can sometime revive.