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Youtubers with mental health issues. What a surprise! :rolleyes:

It's another sad case of lack of adults or their parents simply gave up early. Hopefully this two morons learnt a life lesson, but somehow I doubt it.

Btw, Area 51 is already debunked.


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You may be on to something. I have not seen his avatar around here recently. :unsure:
Exactly detective plat1098.

Last we heard, he sold his motorcycles.

And then he dissapppeared.

In his last post, if you add up all the characters in his post, take the square root of that number and do a few other mathematical things...

.... it adds up to 51.

Pretty sure that's a clue. :unsure:

Since they took his computer, pretty sure that Windows_Security is now an ironic name as his Windows is not secure.

I'm just sayin'.... :)

Other than all that, I hope he comes back to MT soon. I'm usually interested in his informative posts. (y)


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From show-Zi's linked article:

Some have already got in the spirit of the event and turned up with ET-themed outfits as well as wearing tin foil hats.
Oh Wow --- Tin foil hats. :)


I wonder if @Slyguy and @Ithinkfreel are there?

Is this the first MT known pic of Sly?

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Area 51? Not much there.

Most of the gear is at Area 52 (Dugway). These kids need to be educated on the truths. Those not familiar with Dugway go have a good time with it. Also go play in Google Maps and see the long 50 mile runway marks, 1000 square miles of underground tunnel ventilation nodes visible, and plenty of other things. Also the self contained city within Dugway so people that work there cannot leave and have no reason to ever leave. Go have some fun looking.

I don't wear tin foil, it actually amplifies. Velostat is what you wear.
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