Serious Discussion What’s in your Junk Mail folder? (Mega Thread)


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Oct 3, 2012
NSG001 said:


I promise Malware Tips half the money if this comes off :dodgy:
Certainly will pay for the bandwidth for those never ending security config threads :D

damn that sister is a savvy internet user :p


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Oct 6, 2012
.PayPal ‘Notification of payment received’ themed emails serve malware

Sticking to their proven tactic of systematically rotating the impersonated brands, cybercriminals are currently spamvertising millions of emails impersonating PayPal, in an attempt to trick its users into downloading and executing the malicious attachment found in the legitimate looking email.

Detection rate for the malicious archive: MD5: 9c2f2cabf00bde87de47405b80ef83c1 – detected by 39 out of 43 antivirus scanners as Once executed, the sample opens a backdoor on the infected host, allowing cybercriminals to gain complete control over the infected host.
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Jan 7, 2013
You know what? I remember watching a was the same-frecking spam mail..I laughed alot. Cause he misused 'On' and 'in' (messed it up :

When he died,he was ON the helicopter

Then his body found IN helicopter) (it was a bit different spam mail regarding to some billionaire's death)


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Jun 13, 2013
yes I get spam as well

The Art and Science of Getting Good WordPress Support
by Kathryn

Imagine this: it's been a productive WordPress weekend. You've been busy puttering away on the new website you put together for your cat-lovers' club and you're pleased with the progress so far.

You found an adorable kitty-friendly theme, snagged a memorable site address, added some snazzy widgets in all the right places, and you’re finally ready to introduce your baby to the world.

But, wait! Just before making the site public, you notice that the header isn’t displaying your site title and tagline along with the header graphic.

Header without text

What could be causing the problem? You check under Settings → General, but the title and tagline are there.

General Settings - Reading

You ask friends with WordPress sites to have a look but they have no idea how to fix it. You search the support documentation,
to no avail. You're truly stumped.
What now?

You remember that one of the reasons you chose to build your site on is there seem to be a whole bunch of people willing to help out folks stuck on a problem, from community volunteers
to staff Happiness Engineers.
All you have to do is ask -- or is it?

Before you get to your question, you want to make sure you're headed to the right place for help.
List of forum categories

You've heard about being able to submit a question through a contact form
, but that route is open to folks who have a paid upgrade on their account. Since you don't have any upgrades at the moment, you head over to the public support forums.

Since it's your first time participating in the forums, you check out the FAQ
and Code of Conduct
to make sure you don't make any common newbie mistakes, like posting in the wrong forum category.

You learn that there's a specific set of message boards for premium themes,
where each theme has its very own forum, and developers answer theme-specific questions directly.

This also reminds you that each theme in the Theme Showcase
, including the free ones, has a dedicated information page, explaining how to use its special features. You peek at the page for your site's theme, Pachyderm,
which explains how to set up a wide-page template and how to add a custom header. Alas, nothing about getting a title and tagline to display.


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Sep 28, 2011
Title: HMRC - Error in the calculation of your tax‏
Link: "My Refvund" - VirusTotal
Payload (site down): p.exe - VirusTotal

The "My Refvund" shows this before getting redirected to the payload, but the site is no longer up.
View attachment 11122
Dear Customer :

HM Revenue & Customs has identified an error in the calculation of your tax from the last payment, amounting to GBP 1.400. To return the excess payment, please click the " My Refund" below:

My Refvund

How to return itself, have not changed. Only the format of what you claim and how you get paid back from HMRC has changed digitally. HMRC Department has trouble to return it through the data you give on the Tax application form.

We are here to Ensure the correct tax is paid at the right time, whether this relates to payment of taxes received by the department or entitlement to benefits paid.

Best Regards,
HM Revenue & Customs Department

View email with graphics:

View attachment 11121
This one was available in one of my packs.


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Dec 3, 2015
Got this phising attempt in one of my junk mailboxes twice, involving PayPal asking me to "continue replacing my security information".It is interesting to note they have used PayPal banner in the email but the link is not only suspicious but redirects to a hosted webpage which looks like a spoofed copy of PayPal without the secure padlock of course!(.php).The scammer does not know I don't use PayPal anyways.:D See below :

Phising Attempt : To continue replacing your security information, click the button

URL redirects to : some


Virustotal scan results: Seems like a new site

Remedial measures taken : Duly reported to paypal ,US-Cert and APWG. :cool:

too bad they don't know I am a MT user.


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Deleted Member 333v73x

I got something similar on Skype, somebody put in a very long paragraph - somebody with the same second name as me has died and the person who said it claimed he worked for a bank in India trying to find the heir to his millions. It looked very professional (with a VPN obviously) I replied saying can you show me some ID? and then he (in slang and using 'u' instead of 'you') give me your e-mail. I used a masked one and still recieved nothing. I again said give me some ID and he just said give our bank £900 via a P.O Box and then we will tell you where to go and give you the millions you deserve :p

What I did:
  1. Found his IP and sent it to all the authorities I could.
  2. Reported him to Skype.
  3. Blocked him.
Please don't ignore these scammers! People are losing hard earned money because of these false claims, report them!


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Dec 3, 2015

Got this scam mail in one of my junk email inbox. As you can see the sender's email is a big hint, secondly I am not subscribed to secret shopper(never heard of it).

Upon checking the email header online at several sites to confirm,we find the source :rolleyes: :


Obviously it is a scam email and has been flagged as phising. The company involved has also been notified.
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Mar 24, 2015
Ugh, I receive like three or four on my secondary account each week.. It's so pathetic. I mean why would they give you 80 millions dollars? Everybody knows a decent person won't accept less than 100mil.
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Apr 13, 2016
I, too, once or twice I got this e-mail, report it,block and delete.Simple rule of never click on attachments ..:cool:
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Aug 2, 2015
I would have got pissed about the crappy grammar halfway through and deleted this anyway :)
Have you noticed that nearly all spam now appears written by individuals with very poor grammar ?
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Sep 19, 2016
This is a good thread. I get tons of these all the time and it's good to know I'm not the only one. I'm also apparently on a call list, so I get things like "Your PC is infect with very virus! Call Microsoft at *number* to fix virus." so yeah xd

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