Level 15
From my point of view some is marketing, if anyone goes on the wait for a new model you will wait forever & pay for the R&D on the new model -My youngest daughter & myself discussed a similar issue with her phone this week - S11+ maybe a better camera if you really need it etc - Flagships these days are in vogue a few months at best - I updated my iPhone recently but still stay a model down from latest & save a small fortune - But it depends on our wants & needs :):)


Level 17
I usually try to change my phone every 2 years or so because they all seem to be planned to start giving you trouble after two years :) Right now my S9+ is working very well so I see no need to buy anything new.


Level 25
Flagships are Ok for 3-4 years, then you change for the new one (hence getting the newest Android build and updates).
Just got the S10+ so next one would be in 3-4 years, unless i win lottery LOL