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Jul 11, 2018
The Incident At Fort Drum | An Army Sniper's Abduction Experience And UFO Stories From Afghanistan:


Recent government disclosures have revealed UFO sightings are hardly uncommon among active military service members.

These stories might well be among the more bizarre encounters.

0:00 – Introduction
1:37 – Contact – OP Manos, Afghanistan
4:33 – Afghan UFOS – Kandahar
6:10 – Tales from the Grid Square
7:51 – The Incident at Fort Drum, NY
19:52 – Credits & Personal Message


Level 5
Jul 11, 2018
Cyberpunked 2077:


Welcome to the most believable city in any open-world game to date.

Face Off - Kevin Macleod
Laser Pack - Kevin Macleod
Doom Eternal Intro Music
Original Main Theme - Fallout 76
Cloak and dagger - Witcher 3 OST
Breaking Sky - Nick Froud
Anxiety - Kevin Macleod
Morpheus - z3r0
Sweet Feelings - THBD
Dolce Vita - Peyruis
Schmetterling - Kevin Macleod
Laser Pack - Kevin Macleod
Mood - Peyruis
Deflector - Ghostrifter
The Rebel Path - Cyberpunk OST
The Rebel Path (Cello Version) - Cyberpunk 2077 OST
Discovery - Scott Buckley
Fate and Fortune -Scott Buckley
Gymnopédie - Erik Satie
Habanara - Georges Bizet


Level 5
Jul 11, 2018

This brought back a memory of a YouTube video that I saw several years ago:

The Rush:

Somewhere, on a remote terran colony...

Thanks to Blizzard for making the Starcraft universe we know and love.

Starring Ellary Porterfield and Nico David
VFX by Playfight VFX
Music by Igor Nemirovsky
Sound by Kevin Senzaki
Cinematography by Jon Salmon
Produced by Ashim Ahuja
Directed by Matthew Arnold and Freddie Wong
Special thanks to Paul Provost


Level 26
Aug 17, 2017
This is a radio report I heard yesterday, follow the link to the audio or transcript.

TRAVIS ROTHWEILER: I can remember being in a meeting. And in that meeting, I was told that there was a possible incident going on at Canyon Ridge High School.
INSKEEP: Which is in Twin Falls, Idaho, where Rothweiler is city manager.
ROTHWEILER: It was about 12 seconds later they told me that there was an active shooter, that there was one person down, that there were three people injured, and it was in a math class. I still get kind of a little emotional talking about it because when you start putting those things together, probably every parent can tell you what class and what period their kid is in. And I knew that at that point in time, my kid was in math class.
INSKEEP: Think about how that moment must have felt for Rothweiler and then imagine what he felt when he learned it was all a hoax.

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