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Dec 29, 2014
Is this data by chance being collected? :eek::LOL:

Browsing to the front page to see what's new. Reading articles and also troubleshooting a PC (or was) and looking up the department in the U.S. government responsible for standards in products.

The PC I had to troubleshoot was like hell's kitchen lol. Had to restore some hives to the current OS from an older image (finally booted) and then run an upgrade repair. Thankfully, no programs or data lost :), but I guess it was three days on and off working to get into safe mode then Windows after the PC wouldn't boot...


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Jan 31, 2018


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May 13, 2017
Mandela Effect - Alternate Realities

What spiked my interest was Picard's crystal, then all changes totally shocked me, like a golden robot from Star Wars no so golden anymore, changed phrases in movies like Matrix or They Live, names like Steven Seagel or Jim Carrey and of course adding or removing "The" from movies like Boss Baby to The Boss Baby, etc.


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Nov 15, 2016
Wow that brings back old memories. Have you watched his Hercules movies? I think I bought my first weight set in 9th grade for 15 bucks. Use to buy Joe Weider magazines when I was in high school. Joe Weider - Official Website of Joe Weider

I have not seen any of his movies. It will be my intention to watch some. I have just watched interviews about his career. Bought his book, Building The Classic Physique The Natural Way. Good read. I recommend it.


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Jun 3, 2018
Trying to find power cables and adapters for an old Mac Mini that are available in nearby stores. My grandma wanted me to fix her "slow computer with popups that say she has a virus," but didn't know she had to bring any cables. :LOL: She lives several hours away, so she can't just go home to get the cables.