Level 17
Poetry by member Emanuel Tomasin Borda

Emanuel Tomasin Borda

One I especially liked


learned to laugh
With the little things in life

I learned to dream
At the age of 12
And I'm still dreaming

I learned that abstinence
Alcohol and drugs
They're passengers

In the end, it's just that the truth
A naked soul
Who has no heart

In the end there are only words left
Works Thoughts
And memories
To scare away this madness of writing to you
Not knowing where you are

With the bones on the floor
And with the force of a hurricane
I think everything would have been different
If in your mouth
You would have put
A little sedation and peace of mind

I'm cold enough not to feel you
I'm hungry not to see you.

And a few more things I keep to myself.

The years went by
You broke me to pieces.
And I'm here like a fool longing for you
But it's just that illusion is all I have left.
In this mouth of wolves
No exit