Level 25
It may seem strange, but in Japan it is an everyday scene.😷:coffee:
I feel that the ecology of viruses and parasites in the real world often has something in common with the digital world.


Level 14
The "Algerian Algerian Knot" necklace is one of the most famous types of jewelry in the world with a historical background. It appeared at the ancient Algerian sailors who made it from cutting the rope to their wives when they were going out on a mission or battle at sea to express their love and whenever that was The knot is complicated the larger the love you represented, the craftsmen later turned it into a necklace made of silver only (three strings of silver are bound together and then flattened) and gold was not used because it was considered a source of jinx at the time.
The necklace became famous after appearing in James Bond films "Casino Royale" and "Quantum Of Solace" when it was worn by the actress "Eva Green" as you can see in the picture. The necklace was part of her personality and symbolized eternal love, health, happiness and good fortune.