What AV/Security program does your ISP provide?


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Apr 24, 2016
Not using it but my ISP offers a rebranded version of F-secure for free for 1 devices, 5 devices costs € 3.95 per month and 20 devices € 6.95 per month.
The biggest 2 ISPs in The Netherlands KPN and Ziggo offer their rebranded version of F-Secure Safe:

KPN Veilig by F-Secure free for 2 devices, 5 devices for € 4,99 per month.
Ziggo Safe Online by F-Secure free for one device, 20 devices € 6,99 per month.

Depending on what extra services you have from them you can sometimes get the upgraded more devices package for "free".

Not using Ziggo Safe Online myself now, but my mother in law is using KPN Veilig on her laptop.


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Jun 14, 2011
My current ISP - Caiway - offers Caiway Veilig Internet which is again rebranded F-Secure.
I will be moving in 6 weeks so I will have to change my ISP because Caiway is not available in the place I am moving in to so Ziggo will be my new operator.
However I have never used nor planning to use IS they are offering :D


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Apr 1, 2019
They use the same version norton as the paid products... version numbers in online security match... that of other norton products. MY parents never had a problem with it the program has never let them down.
What I meant was that they don’t say which product it is. The name of their product doesn’t always match Norton’s naming convention. It’s currently ‘Norton Security’, but that’s been discontinued in favor of Norton 360. If you don’t know Norton’s product it’s somewhat confusing what you are actually getting. Previously it had its own name not identifiable on Norton’s website. Just a minor gripe. Obviously if you research for a bit you can figure out what they are offering, but at first glance, at least in the past, it hasn’t always been clear.

Marko :)

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Aug 12, 2015
Amis (my past ISP; literally the best ISP on the entire planet) gave me license for their Amis Sigurnosni Sustav for free. License itself was valid as long as I was their user and everyone who was using Amis's services got one. Basically, it was custom branded F-Secure. I haven't used it because it was heavy, and would, immediately after installation block internet access to all apps.


Sadly, Amis doesn't exist anymore. Both, Croatian and Slovenian business got bought by Telekom Austria back in 2015 so it's under A1 which I'm using to this date.
A1 offers custom branded F-Secure too, but I'm not sure which version since there are no screenshots of the program itself anywhere on the internet. And, it isn't free, of course (why would it be?!?), so it costs 15 HRK (or 2€) per month for two devices with first month free.


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Dec 3, 2018
Re-branded F-Secure for $2 more a month with up to five devices protected. Other subscribers have commented that their version is not the same as the most currently available version through F-Secure. Personally, I'd rather keep the extra money and buy cheap pizza...

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