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Okay! I understand more clearly,now! I was not sure how the Terabyte Image work. Bootable media only, I guess!
I will try to find something on YouTube of how this exactly work. I guess my question would be, how do you create
a boot able media using there software. And will Terabyte Image copy a complete image of my PC's? And what is the average restore time on Windows 8 and/or 8.1?

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Hi, Image for Windows does install to your pc.You do need the boot media though to restore an image.The program has its own makedisk utility for building the restore media.
I've only done one restore on my Win 8.1 and it took around 4 minutes.I'm sure your mileage can vary depending on processor,usb ports ect.
Hope that helps.


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Easeustodo Backup

Have the paid version on all 4 computers but I must confess that I have never tried restore.

If the need presents itself I will try it, then we shall see.:)


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Windows Backup [System Image | Monthly to an External HDD]

Started using this when I first installed Windows 8 back in 2013. Hasn't let me down since and creating/restoring an image is fast.