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"You are wrong."

"Windows 7 is the best OS ever! No bloatware. No security updates. No probems."


Source: Windows user's mindset.
I have heard this so many times... Even on "IT professionals forums/groups", disabling updates and calling others to do it, because according to them: updates always ruin your system and make it slower. And here I was, thinking patches are meant to fix, stupid Robo.

Andy Ful

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If you are concerned about exploit of MS Office applications, and this is a very valid concern, EMET is probably effective on Windows 7, although the "anti-document exploit" feature of Hard_Configurator might be even better. Maybe @Andy Ful has something to say about it.
Windows 7 OS and applications are coded in C, C++, and C# - they are by design vulnerable to memory exploits, and there is not exist an application that could prevent this.
Using SUA can mitigate about 80% of OS exploits. Very important is also updating Windows and applications.
HitmanPro Alert or Emet can be used to mitigate memory exploits in applications. Restricting MS Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader (or even better not using both) can prevent most exploits introduced via weaponized documents.
SRP and anti-exe can be used to prevent running some exploits and block execution of payloads (post-exploitation protection). But, this also will require to block LOLBins.
Restricting scripts can be beneficial for preventing exploits (exploit kits) introduced by scripts.
Generally restricting/hardening Windows (disabling SMB, remote features, unused services, etc.) or using isolation/virtualization can prevent or mitigate many exploits too.
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