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It's an Indian anti-virus which is a brand new release. It's genuine software but I can't speak for the detection rates, the engine or anything like that. There was an article recently that claimed it was dedicated to the Indian Prime Minister (NaMo)


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It's Namo.... the name came from Narendra Modi. The new Prime Minister of India.

Homegrown IT firm Innovazion has named its new antivirus software 'NaMo', the popular short name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The software will provide free protection to PC users against malware and virus attacks.

While the current version offers basic protection, the company plans to launch advanced versions of the software as well as those for Apple's Mac PCs. The current software will also get regular updates.

"India is the third largest country globally in terms of Internet users. However, statistics show that only 13 per cent are using valid license of antivirus software and 30 per cent tend to re-install trial versions of same or other antivirus software," Innovazion CEO Abhishek Gagneja.

However, the remaining 57 per cent systems either have no protection or are using unknown applications for protection of their devices and this is the segment that NaMo AV is targetting, he added.

Gagneja, however, clarified that the company has no association with any political party or its leaders.

"By building this software, we wanted to...congratulate the current government. We also want to pass a message to the government that the nation has high expectations from them," he said.

The anti-virus has features like real-time detection of infections, intelligent scanning, custom detection and is light on hard drive.

Started in 2007, Innovazion has a presence in seven countries including India, the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, Romania, China and Singapore with over 500 employees.

Its primary services are application development, business consulting, IT infrastructure management and marketing research.

Asked about the revenue model, Gagneja said the company would continue to offer the security software for free.

"We have other businesses that are doing well. Last year, the group's revenue was USD 16 million, which we expect will grow 100 per cent this year. NaMo AV will continue to be a free product," he said.


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I found Nano a bit heavy, and the detection rate was`nt spectactular and I believe it`s still in beta after all these years.
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It's relying too heavily on static signatures which is another of the flaws with Clam AV, you can't make a signature for every virus to come out, otherwise your program will be very system heavy, slow and have bad detection rates. I'm led to believe this is the first Indian made anti-virus product so hopefully with time they will get better and move away from the Clam AV signatures and the product will get better.
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