Level 10
Jun 26, 2020
This song was something I wanted to do for sometime now. It's kind of a tribute to my home country, not because what we are today ( yes everyone hear in the news that Portugal is in a financial crysis ,etc) but a tribute to what we were during the 15 and 16th Centuries. If you study history or are interested in the theme you might know about the Portuguese maritime discoveries that begun around 1419. ~ To make it short and quoting from internet : "Portuguese sailors were at the vanguard of European overseas exploration, discovering and mapping the coasts of Africa, Asia and Brazil, in what become known as the Age of Discovery." We are still a great country despite what you hear in the news. We are not only good at football (soccer) . We have plenty of other great things here. I thought about taking the rating system off because I am pretty sure I will be spammed with dislikes, because some people are not as much patriotic, but I really don't care. In my personal opinion the song is decent thats why I upload it and that's what matters. If you dislike Portugal for some reason, just listen the song and do something else. Please dont ask me to translate the text in the picture. It's in portuguse and it was taken from an Epic portuguese book called "Os Luisíadas" ( If you are interested in literature you probably already heard about it). It's really complex to translate. Enjoy the music :)