I´ve listening to Demi Lovato´s Confident album lately (Favorite songs: Stone Cold, Kingdom Come, Lionheart and Mr.Hughes)
Here is a playlist:
https:// www.youtube. com/watch?v=PGv902wVRhY&index=1&list=PLzrUzaioxo59sej83gBhujHHIPRhUcHg3
Im not sure if some of this videos is banned in any country though. Btw If I make a direct youtube video link it won´t redirect you to a playlist but only the video so I separated some parts of it.
Sorry bad english.
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"....today an album (on spotify) from the legendary band "Pink Floyd": "A momentary lapse of reason".
The band was established already in 70's. The album above was recorded in 1987."

Asolutely fantastic album!!!


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yes still one of my absolute favorites after nearly 30 years !
......from the year 1885, a quite big hit from the band "Dire Straits" (leader: Mark Knopfler). They were qute
popular in the 80's / 90's their song/hit is: "Money for nothing" (from the very succesful album "Brothers in arms").