When was your first malware encounter and what was it? For me, it was around 2009, after visiting some not so friendly websites. I ended up with some Trojans. A professional came over and I lied about what I did. Luckily for me, the computer was second-hand and the blame got put on that without me getting into trouble.
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It was my first PC - just bought, my first CDs from a friend, "with Half Life game / tools"
=> my first Virus & Cie
- I had to make a complete new install (Os, drivers, programs),
- I added my first AV :(

=> the virus was a variant of Tchernobyl (CIH) :eek:
(1999, year of Melissa)
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It frightens me to think how ignorant I used to be regarding malware. I just assumed if you had an antivirus that was OK. I'd regularly get these things popping up telling me my PC was infected and to click on it to clean things up. Of course these were fake AVs and I must have got infected wit loads of stuff without even knowing it. I never used to do on demand scans until I found out about MBAM some time later and I used to do online banking, shopping etc so it's surprising my bank account wasn't cleaned out.


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I was really a wishful thinker back then, I knew some sites were really shady but I still downloaded a lot of stuff for the slightest chance that it might actually be the cracked software/game that I wanted so bad and couldn't buy because my parents wouldn't let me :D. I wasn't actually confident enough to double clicked them but they were definitely malware and they were definitely on my desktop lol.